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The following features are implemented at the moment:

  1. Managing of club members, with private and firm address
  2. Different membership types (you can create your own ones) with different membership fees.
  3. Several membership features, like "infos per email welcome" , "agree to give address to other members","agree to publish data via WWW", etc (Have a look at "Member     information")
  4. Freely definable attributes (e.g. board member) can be assigned to each member
  5. Managing of membership fees (also "special agreements") and payments.
  6. Sending mass emails via SMTP
  7. Create Excel-Sheets for further processing (like mass letters, etc)
  8. Create an address list to use with the German Infopost Manager.
  9. A large number of selection criteria for searching members
  10. A authentication system with the possibility to give access on a per screen basis (e.g. Private data, firm data, member information.) with either read, update, insert and/or delete access.
  11. To be able to work with providers who are running PHP as CGI script. I am not depending on the authentication mechanism of PHP.
  12. Variable salutations, also for different languages (e.g. for members in other countries)
  13. Support for different languages (English, German and French for the moment)
  14. A large possibility for configuration. E.g. the standard columns shown as a search result can be defined by the administrator (but can be overwritten for each search by the user)
  15. A "user" and a "member" interface. The "user" interface is used by the club officials to administrate their members. The "member" interface gives each member a limited possibility to change his data (such as E-mail address, etc.) and to look for information about other members [see 3.) "agree to publish data via WWW"].
  16. Export of member lists as PDF or Excel. The member can decide, which data should be published (Either only private, or firm or both data)
  17. Conference management. A rudimentary conference management is implemented to manage subscriptions to conferences.
  18. Accounting functionalities, like unbalanced accounts, mass update of payments, etc
  19. Easy Update mechanism. When installing a new version of Clubdata, the database is automatically updated to the needed version.